In any organisation, the people will always be the primary asset - those that come in every day and build your adventure.

The wrong people, onboarded in the wrong way, can severely delay and disrupt a scale. However, a well organised approach for hiring and development will set you up for rapid, sustained success. In the people value chain we help you find and train the right talent for your company in both the short-term and the long-term.


In the short-term we fuel your company with the right people, running intensive training to get them the information they need to outperform their job objectives as quickly as possible.


In the long-term we lay the foundations for building and sustaining a top-rate sales team. This includes:

- Getting the right people in the right positions.
- A clearly defined process for onboarding and following-up, ensuring that employees grow into their role as quickly as possible.
- A management framework which allows people to progress through the company and prevents employee churn.

Hire smart, train quick, let them perform

Sales doesn’t work without people - it’s a human artform. A key determinant of your success will be making sure you have the right people, the right processes in place and an environment which enables staff to thrive and develop.

Sales Hiring Machine

For mature new economy companies, the average employee attrition rate during the first 12 months is 15%. However, this number reaches 25% when businesses are going through a hypergrowth phase and haven’t created a hiring machine or structured onboarding process - a quarter of your staff.*

For us, the hiring machine is the most important building block of our entire approach. Nail the hiring machine and you set yourself up for success as exceptional individuals will always outperform expectations of them. We revise your talent acquisition model based on benchmarked data before reviewing job descriptions, scorecards and hiring processes. We also train interviewer pools to make your hiring machine comprehensive and durable.

*Founders Capital, In The Front Door, Out The Back: Attrition Challenges At High Growth Startups, 2020

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Sales New Hire

Usually, 80% of sales will be made by 20% of the sales team*, with it taking on average 3 months to ramp-up a salesperson. You simply can’t scale effectively with this low-level performance and slow training speed.

Because of this, we offer a structured approach to ramping-up new sales hires. This involves creating a playbook of best practices from top performers, a robust onboarding team and a senior leader with experience building onboarding programs. This is a collaborative effort, as you provide the required industry and market expertise whilst we contribute exceptional sales techniques.

*Buchanan, Is the Enterprise Sales Hire Economically Viable for Startups?, 2020

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Sales Talent

As you expand rapidly and need to hire more staff, you find yourself with a growing need for managers. But how does your business cope when your top performers are now off day-to-day sales and leading a team of newcomers?

We analyse both the coaching skills of senior staff and the infrastructure in place to grow teams. We have strong experience in assisting collaboration between People and Sales teams, which is one of the first areas of knowledge we transfer. We also revise the foundations of the sales team, including the competency framework, performance management and measurement, compensation plans and more. Finally, we run a tailored Manager Academy, ensuring that new managers have the requisite skills for leading teams during an ambitious scale.

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A well-oiled machine in which top people are hired, ramped-up, continuously developing and, crucially, happy in their roles.

High sales performance, high employee engagement and low attrition rate.

Managers which are efficient, confident and satisfied, developing new skills whilst still showcasing their excellence.

Spendesk people function

Collaboration with Spendesk on people and organization.

Nicolas Marchais

Nicolas Marchais

VP Sales

“Without Atscale, we couldn’t have managed to make the restructuring of our team organization as fast and well as we did it”


improvement of BDR performance

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Rodolphe Ardant

Founder & CEO, Spendesk

"With Atscale, we've managed to build foundations that allowed us to scale and brought success in the long-run."


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