If you lose sight of making money, nothing else you do will matter.

In this value chain we help you build reliable revenue performance through three targeted approaches:


Create an infrastructure that anticipates risk of sales underperformance and allows you to monitor and adjust as you grow.


Ensure there is the appropriate balance between quantity and quality regarding sales targets, enabling you to maximise acquisition.


Establish a solid customer success operation framework to make sure new clients become top clients.

Ambitious targets need strong sales architecture

Everybody sets themselves high sales targets, but what’s required to reach them? We challenge and improve every aspect of sales, from individual approach to strategy and structuring.

Revenue Operations

Revenue Operations - consisting of Sales Ops, CS Ops and Marketing Ops - will vary wildly from company to company. Therefore our first job is to learn which areas need support so we can build a strong organisational model. This model ensures that strategy, performance, enablement and sales technology are all being covered and working cohesively.

Once that is established our attention turns to mapping out capabilities. We revise the Revenue Operations strategy, co-producing dashboard specs, frameworks and tools. We also provide how-to guides for using the dashboards to be given to the Sales and CS teams, alongside training (again, provided by us).

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Sales Rep Excellence

The previous building blocks have led us to sales, this is where we get into the selling itself. We start by deep-diving into the current sales process and the sales methodology. We then challenge and improve each step of the sales cycle based on our 10+ years experience of piloting sales teams.

The most important aspect of delivering sales rep excellence is teaching sales staff to be autonomous when it comes to monitoring and assessing their performance. This includes frameworks and models which assist them with overarching strategy, as well as tools they can use to improve on a day-to-day basis. Self assessment makes sales staff develop faster and saves time for managers - it’s a win-win.

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Customer Success

To achieve top-rate CS we first assess how client segmentation (tiering) has been defined and how the CS team has been structured to address each segment. We then investigate how the CS team performs based on the structure and tools they have at their disposal. The robustness of NPS and client satisfaction surveys, and how action plans are built consequently, are also examined in detail.

Ultimately, as for Sales Reps Excellence, we ensure that CS teams are empowered to self-assess their performance. We provide the tools, frameworks and training for employees to become more autonomous, responding to opportunities, identifications and churn prevention.

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Not just a short-term injection of revenue, a revenue machine that can be relied upon.

An ability to anticipate performance issues and make adjustments before targets are missed.

Greater level of acquisition and more durable customer retention.

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Rodolphe Ardant

Founder & CEO, Spendesk

"With Atscale, we've managed to build foundations that allowed us to scale and brought success in the long-run."


increase in ROI


less time to close sales deals


Average incremental deals signed per month per sales rep

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