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    Leaders at Scale


    Coaching is essential at hyper-growth:

    To thrive sustainably in hyper-growth environment

    With a subtle equation between Motivation, Skills, Talent and Role.

    To navigate change and growth

    Coaching helps leaders in hyper-growth environments accelerate change and growth.

    To trigger the success of the whole team

    The result - efficiency and higher performance of the whole team, derived from advanced skills and deep confidence of their leaders.

    Coaching at scale: Spendesk experience

    Nicolas Marchais


    VP Sales at Spendesk, shares his coaching experience with Atscale

    "Atscale had similar trajectories, they know the challenge - it resonated very well with me in this exercise, which is very personal."

    The benefits of coaching at scale:

    • Raising Self Awareness
    • Exploring limiting and empowering beliefs
    • Diagnosing the skillset and developing a lacking skill
    • Brainstorming to find concrete solutions to any given situation
    • Building an action plan, and then getting back in the driver seat

    pierre verstraeten

    Leader in coaching for Atscale: Pierre Verstraeten
    Co-founder & Chief Talent Officer

    - Ex-Head of People Spendesk
    - Ex-VP Talent at TravelPerk
    - Ex-Global Head of Talent Development at Criteo
    - Built the Talent Development team and culture from scratch at Criteo for 3,000 employees and built Talent Management and L&D functions at Travelperk



    The structure of the coaching process:

    • Kick Off session to align process objectives and expectations
    • Shadowing in action (meeting, conflict management, decision making, etc..)
    • Optional – yet recommended – use and debrief a psychometric tool (Leadership Circle, DISC, Motivators, 360, etc.)
    • Process Delivery (number of sessions depends on the objectives)
    • Evaluation and closing

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    Onthological Coaching
    (Escuela Europea de Coaching - ICF)

    Systemic Coaching
    (ORSC - ICF)

    The Leadership Circle coach

    Qlareti facilitator

    Co-Active Coaching
    (CTI - ICF)

    DISC, Motivators and Talent
    - Expert level

    Lego Serious Play facilitator

    About Atscale

    Atscale helps businesses transition to the next phase of growth, using industry best practices, playbooks, benchmarks and guidelines.

    We are a team of executives with a history of scaling businesses in tech-driven industries.

    Our team is composed of CROs, Head of People and VPsfrom Criteo, LinkedIn, Expedia, JobTeaser and more.

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    Leaders at Scale

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