Sales reps excellence

Hire smart, train quick, let them perform.

This part of the Building Blocks framework focuses on sourcing and training the right talent; and improving the individual performance of your existing sales population to help you build a powerful sales team.


Hire better and hire quicker. Get the talent your business needs and establish an environment that makes them want to become a pillar of your company.


Ramp-up your new starters to get your whole team on an even footing as quickly as possible. Sustained low-level performance can’t be tolerated in a successful scale-up.


Foster a sales culture of continued improvement by managing the performance of your salespeople long after the ramp-up phase has ended.

Sales Hiring
& Ramp-up

Finding the right talent for your organisation faster and training them to perform at optimal levels quickly


Helping you optimize and polish the sales tooling, collateral and playbooks; and train the team to effectively pitch, negotiate and close


Managing underperformance and overperformance, setting routines and helping you animate the sales floor to boost the team's energy at the right time

Talent Management

Supporting your talent with Manager Academy, org structure, career path and employee engagement

The outcomes of sales reps excellence

Clockwork sales hiring machine

Clear achievements on your headcount plan, which will allow you to reach your financial targets.

Reduced ramp-up time

Salespersons become fully operational faster and generate earlier incremental revenue for your business.

Consistent success in sales

Salespersons routinely operating at an optimal level. Increased conversion rates and reduced sales cycles.

Building Blocks

Atscale framework for making proven decisions and avoiding common pitfalls for rapid, sustainable growth.

Sales Reps Excellence

Helping you build the sales dream team by hiring and efficiently ramping-up your new starters; and managing the performance of your existing sales people.

Sales Reps Excellence

Sales Engine

Creating a strong organizational model which guarantees a more predictable sales performance, and a comprehensive sales culture.

Sales Engine

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Scaling stories

The results we bring are built with our customers and their teams. Here is what they think.

Rodolphe Ardant

Founder & CEO, Spendesk

"With Atscale, we've managed to build foundations that allowed us to scale and brought success in the long-run."


increase in ROI


less time to close sales deals

+ 3

Average incremental deals signed per month per sales rep

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